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The ordinance is intended to target businesses that profit from illegal gambling, Hussain said.  "Unfortunately, these gambling operations are disproportionately affecting our impoverished neighborhoods," Hussain said earlier this month. "It's the people who have the least to lose who are losing the most and I have a problem with any business that exploits people in that way." Jackson worries, however, that the ordinance does not distinguish between large-scale gambling establishments and small-scale games in private homes. "The intent is one thing but that doesn't stop a future police chief from reading the plain language and concluding that it's illegal to have a card game at grandma's house," Jackson said. Jackson also objected to a civil-asset forfeiture clause that enables the city to seize property, including money and equipment, that is connected to an illegal gambling operation. "I believe through my experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney that civil forfeiture is systemically flawed," said Jackson, who formerly worked as an assistant Lansing city attorney. Civil asset forfeiture has attracted opposition from bi-partisan critics who say the practice violates the due process rights of suspects and can be abused by law enforcement as a way to boost revenue.

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